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I had not planned to get another dog after losing Jessie. As anyone who has lost a furry child knows, the pain of losing them can be overwhelming.

Then one day a good friend called to tell me there were two doxies dumped at the animal shelter during the night. Hallie and Sophie
When I saw Hallie, I felt I had known her forever. (the darling little red girl, Sophie, now has a wonderful forever home with Rich and Deb, and big brother Stormy, the sweetest black and tan standard longhaired boy.)

This is Hallie when she first came here, Aug. 2001. We estimated she was about 1 yr old then.   And here she is one year later. Her coat has really filled in, she's a beautiful little girl.

Hallie is an incredible little dog. She was dirty, in heat, fleas and dirty teeth when she came. But she was friendly and happy and confident, so I believe she was probably quite neglected but hopefully not abused. She must have lived in a house because I don't have a doorbell and from the first, if a doorbell would sound on the TV, she would run to the front door to sit and stare up at it. She was housebroken, and had no bad habits at all. Just a wonderful little girl with a great personality and a joy for life.

She settled right into a life of pampering. She has a ramp out her back door, that leads to a covered potty area (she has her choice of the covered area or her large fenced back yard). I had a window installed at ground level in the living room so she can lay on her cushions and look out the window without having to jump on the furniture. After going through back surgery with Jessie, I don't want to ever do that again so Hallie is not allowed to jump on furniture at all, I lift her up and down when she wants. We walk/run for a good half hour every day but she has her own stroller for dog shows and shopping that she loves.

One of her favorite places is the ocean. We go as often as we can. She loves to dig like mad in the sand, spin circles, have a runny attack, then go back to digging like mad. She will also do this in her garden.

(CLICK HERE to see a short video of Hallie in her garden).

Hallie loves obedience work so I got her an ILP registration # with the AKC so I could show her in obedience. She had her first show in January 2005 and had a BALL. She gets so excited when she works her chin will quiver and she will do a "happy spin" when we do our right turns...which is REALLY cute, but costs us 10 points per spin...

First Rally leg, Jan. 2005


Images of Hallie...





Hallie and little Taylor from next door. They both lost out on this deal!


Hallie's Trip to the Beach...November 2002

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