Dachshund gifts and fine art by Dee Dee Murry

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Here is adorable Wiebus, the wired haired dachshund from Holland. His Mom, Wendy, is wearing a spruce green dancing dachshund t shirt.

Click Here to visit Wiebus at his web site.

  Patty (from Alaska) in her Classic Smooth Dachshund T Shirt, with her three babies...Willy, Alex and Misty (the one administering kisses) .
  Maria in her Eggplant Dancing Dachshund T Shirt, with her three sweet Beastie Boyz...Stevie, Clapton and Jimmy.
Here is Jill wearing a Watermelon Signature Dachshund T Shirt, with her special little girl, Olive. As you can see, the cart doesn't slow Olive down a bit!
  Donna is wearing a Colonial Blue Dancing Dachshund T Shirt and holding her adorable fur family...from left to right is Penny, Kobe and Sophie.
  Amy and her beautiful Laika. Amy is wearing the Eggplant Dancing Dachsund T Shirt.
  This beautiful english cream longhaired dachshund is Zoe, who owns Terry (in eggplant dancing doxie shirt) and Ed. What beautiful coloring and what a sweet face on this little one!
  Here is Leslie owned by Walker, a lucky rescue doxie. Leslie is wearing a Spruce Green Dancing Dachshund T Shirt.
  Karen is holding the infamous Frankie and his sister Lily...who does not bother cats. (She is fond of food scraps, however and is not above sitting up to beg for them!)

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