Dachshund gifts and fine art by Dee Dee Murry
The Story of Jessie's Garden


She was not the sunrise,

She was not the sunset...

She was the Sun

In Jessie's Garden was born from an incredible 11 year relationship and the new friendships the loss of this wonderful little girl brought.

So many pet owners view their pets as true members of the family, and not "just a dog" or "just a cat". These special, too short lives should be celebrated for what they are. A great gift.


After the loss of Jessie, I dedicated a corner of the yard as a memorial flower garden to her. Each flower in her garden was donated by someone who knew and loved her. There is a small sign next to each flower with the name of the person(s) who donated it.

I have made many treasured friends who also have dachshunds, or who have lost beloved pets. These friendships are also a great gift.

This then, is the impetus for the name "In Jessie's Garden" for my art and apparel . Through my artwork, I would like to portray some of the love and humor inspired by Jessie through my years with her. I hope it will also strike a chord in your heart with your beloved pets, past, current and future.

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Official Launch Date: September 23, 2000
Official Redesign: September 23, 2002
(Thanks to my dear friend Jennifer, and yet another one of her ingenious ideas)

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